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Prescient Announces Donation of Enigma Machine to Polish History Museum

1228 Days ago

Symbolic Day Commemorates Sixth Anniversary of Prescient’s Founding

KRAKÓW, Poland, Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prescient, a technology company with a revolutionary, integrated and model-centric BIM design platform with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, which operates a Technology Centre in Kraków, today announced that it has committed to financing the Polish History Museum’s acquisition of an Enigma Machine which will be on display when the Museum opens in 2021. The letter of intent was signed today in Kraków by representatives of Prescient and the Museum.

“Cracking the Enigma code helped change the outcome of World War II. It saved countless lives while ultimately shortening the war,” said Satyen Patel, Executive Chairman of Prescient. “This critical victory for Allied forces would not have been possible without the contribution of brilliant Polish cryptologists. As an innovative technology disrupter celebrating six years of growth and progress, Prescient is honoured to pay homage to all the men and women who broke German Enigma code by financing the acquisition of this rare and historic machine for the Polish History Museum. We are confident that this machine will be a highlight of this ambitious project and serve as a point of pride for both Polish citizens and visitors from around the world.”

The Museum is set to open in Warsaw in 2021, and the Enigma Machine will be on permanent display at the museum, complete with its own dedicated exhibit.

“The cracking of the Enigma code by Polish mathematicians is one of the key elements of not only Polish history, but modern global history,” said Robert Kostro, director of the Polish History Museum. “Our Museum will house the nation's largest exhibit about Polish history, and it would not be complete without an Enigma machine on display. We are incredibly thankful to Prescient for committing to finance its acquisition. We are confident the addition of the machine will add incredible value as we work to finalize the design of our permanent exhibition.”

Prescient has headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, and manufacturing facilities in both Colorado and North Carolina. The company also operates a Technology Centre in Kraków, which employs more than 130 software engineers and IT specialists. Prescient is committed to its vision of providing “Attainable Housing for All,” and is doing so by changing the way buildings are designed and built, unlocking new levels of cost efficiency, environmental sustainability and quality, all while ensuring its buildings perform better, cost less and take less time to build, substantially reducing development risk. The company is revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing the Digital World to the Physical World. The Polish codebreakers brought about their own specialized mathematical knowledge when they cracked Enigma, which ultimately laid the groundwork for modern day computer science. Poland’s foundation for this innovation is what the world relies on to this day, including the work Prescient does as a disruptor in the technology field.

“Poland's IT sector is incredibly robust, and the country is increasingly positioning itself as a global technology start-up hub,” Mr. Patel said. “The decision to locate our technology centre here was the clear choice due to the talent, ingenuity and passion of our Polish employees, who help us create a platform to become the clear leader in technology based pre-fab construction. There is a clear link between Poland’s strong position in IT and the brilliance of the mathematicians who broke the Enigma Code. Purchasing the Enigma machine for the Museum is our contribution to Polish society, and a sign of our respect and commitment to preserving Poland’s history. Prescient is incredibly excited to mark this occasion on an important milestone day for the company. Today, on our sixth anniversary,  we commemorate the growth of our company, all that we have achieved in the past six years, and the foundations we have built which help to solidify our future success.”

Enigma machines were a series of cipher machines. The Enigma was invented by German engineer Artur Scherbius at the end of World War I. Out of all the different Enigma models used in commerce, diplomacy and the military, German military models were the most complex. In the 1930s, Polish mathematicians and cryptanalysts Marian Rajewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski worked on breaking the code, and developed so-called cryptologic bombs – machines designed to decipher Enigma. During World War II, basing on their work, cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park in the UK, including Alan Turing, the father of early computers, built an extensive cryptanalytic capability and deciphered substantial amounts of Nazi German communications.

About Prescient
The foundation for Prescient’s revolution is a standardized light gauge framing system that utilizes proprietary software applications which create a design and construction platform.

Bringing the Digital World to the Physical World.  The Prescient Digital Thread is based on a model-centric design and planning platform that liberates project stakeholders to plan better and execute better.  Our thread connects projects from the initial architectural design through the finished building.  As a result, a project is no longer a series of isolated steps with familiar breakdowns and gaps.  Instead, it becomes an orderly progression through a repeatable flow, connecting developer, designers, suppliers and contractors at every step.  This seamless approach means higher productivity, higher quality, fewer last-minute conflicts on site, less waste, shorter schedules and a better ROI.

Integrated Manufacturing. Prescient uses precision manufacturing technology including robotics, laser-cutting systems and state-of-the-art numerically controlled flexible manufacturing systems to deliver buildings with very tight tolerances, comparable to the automotive industry.  Prescient’s digital thread integrates planning & design with manufacturing & installation.

Established in 2012, Prescient is aiming for nothing less than a revolution in the way buildings take shape through new levels of cost efficiency, environmental sustainability and quality of outcome for all participants.  Prescient’s platform ensures buildings perform better, cost less and take less time to build by employing a digital thread for leading-edge integrated design, engineering, manufacturing & installation.

We are Prescient.  Our mission is Attainable Housing for All and we are achieving that by Revolutionizing The Building Environment.

For more information, visit the company websiteTwitter feed or Facebook page.

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Wanda Urbanska
Polish History Museum
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Polish History Museum
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